My life story

My name is Maria and i come from beautiful Piraeus of Greece.I give all my love, passion and dedication to what I do, especially with my familly my job and my friends.
After being fired by the construction company, I posted some designs with embroidered sandals on Facebook and I never knew that someone would buy them. My love of leather working started back in 2016 when I visited the market of Monastiraki and I stunned ancient Greek leather sandals without any gem. I bought a big box of supplies and sinked myself in tutorials in an attempt to learn various techniques of the craft.
In the beginning, working with sandals was just a hobby that I really enjoyed, but with encouragement from friends it grew into something more.
Now I Embellish leather sandals in the living room of my parents’ house in Piraeus, Greece which recently converted in workshop. My mum is a housewife who loves craft and sewing. She now helps me with my sandal production.
I find inspiration from countries, folk tradition, history and nature . I’m always thinking about the next new item I’m going to make; being in nature helps me put things into perspective and focus my ideas. My friends and family love the part, which involves me asking them to test my products and make sure they’re fit for listing in my shop.
I always use the best quality materials to have the desired effect and to make my customers happy.
My future goals are to keep working on improving my shop and the items that I offer. I’d like to make more and more customers happy.
Please check back regularly to see my product collection grow.
With warm regards